Past Startups

The 81Startups accepted for Match UP in 2021!

AVA Industries

AVA Industries is an Alberta based health tech startup that provides next generation medical records software to physicians and unparalleled medical record access to patients.


Acuspire is software that acts as a personalized, automated recruiter. It utilizes advanced technologies to connect candidates with suitable employment.


AlignVR software is the cure for expensive remote-hiring mistakes. We use virtual reality to analyze and induce authentic behaviour in candidates so you can get to know a remote candidate’s personality-fit.

Arctic Shelf

IoT refrigerated locker solution for workplaces. The secure mini-fridges allow employees to store meals or have food delivered at work without the fear that someone will take or touch their food.

Areto Labs

Areto Labs is a B2B SaaS social enterprise building a suite of apps for companies that combines machine learning with behavioural science to deploy inside their digital communities, like Slack and Twitter.

Athlete Era

A platform for youth sports organizations to train and support coaches more effectively through mobile apps.


Autumn provides software for machine shops that connects the office and shop floor and helps them react quickly to changing priorities. A new way to drive down costs, increase efficiencies, and minimize lead time.


Bessie is a collection of enterprise solutions that redefine your digital grocery experience. Bessie powers the omnichannel experience and uses the same tools for multiple channels.


BetterCart offers advanced grocery price analytics to grocery retailers and food and beverage companies that help them increase their profit margin and market share.

Birdie Break

Birdie Break is modernizing the search for childcare by democratizing agency-quality childcare and making it more accessible and cost effective for parents.

Brew Ninja

Brew Ninja provides full traceability from costing to regulatory lot-tracking. Software that streamlines your day-to-day operations so that you can focus on making great beer.

Browse AI

Browse AI extracts and monitors data from any website with no code​​ by downloading data as a spreadsheet, thus turning any website into an API.


Online Farmer's Market powered by our Predictive Agriculture tech. Predictive Agriculture allows us to predict consumer demand, allowing producers to grow or make food accordingly.


Cadence is a digital aftercare concierge built to empower bereaved families by organizing, streamlining and automating estate settlement tasks.


Carbon Block uses the world's first blockchain-of-things device to measure verify and report GHG reductions to create carbon offsets at a fraction of the price of traditional methods.

Cherry Health

Cherry Health is a digital, self-serve, staffing platform disrupting Canada's medical recruitment industry by creating a two-sided physician marketplace using a freemium-style business model.


Chroma is reimagining the renting experience by empowering renters and building a platform that makes renting more transparent, accessible and fair for both parties.

Citrus Technology

Citrus is a software that centralizes the facilitation of youth camps and programs. The software manage a camps' logistics & operations so they can focus on what really matters.

Copperstone Technologies

Copperstone builds field robots that help industrial clients manage liabilities and safety costs associated with hazardous sites, particularly water and waste water facilities.

Device Commerce

Device Commerce builds AI business growth and management ecosystems by deploying software that uses real-time information about the business and the industry to generate vital feedback.


Evotrux is a freight-matching technology that creates personalized experiences for shippers, carriers, and brokers by connecting them quicker and easier than ever before.


Embold is a Canadian influencer marketing platform that simplifies the way advertisers collaborate with influencers.

Environmental Material Sciences

Environmental Material Sciences (EMS) offers oil, gas and salt remediation solutions based on proprietary functional material and biotechnologies.


Erly is a service that offers free and fast same day delivery for DTC e-commerce through micro fulfillment and warehousing.


FIX IT UP was created for users to find a convenient way to save time and money when looking for a quote for a repair service. With this idea in mind we feel this process will revolutionize the way quotes are provided. is a comprehensive platform connecting care-seekers to care-givers in a safe and reliable manner.


Flahmingo is a mobile app that supports commission-free fractional investing. Flahmingo enables users to build a portfolio of their favourite companies and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Go Oil

Go Oil provides mobile oil changes across Canada. We make vehicle maintenance easy though our online platform using our franchise service network in Canada and the USA.


Goodeye Technologies supports the cannabis industry and further serves the needs of growers in any agricultural sector that use rules-based technologies to optimize plant health and protection.


Goodlawyer is a platform that connects entrepreneurs across Canada with a network of business-minded lawyers ready to help you faster and more affordably than ever.


GravelHUB addresses the disconnect between buyers and sellers in the Canadian Gravel Industry. By allowing users to create map-based listings for their products, the whole market becomes more efficient and connected.

Gru Organics

Gru Organics is a sustainable vertical farming company with a food production model that's considerably more productive, more profitable, and less taxing on the environment.

Guardian EMR

Our mission is to enable health professionals in starting and running efficient health practices by providing them with an integrated approach of software, education, and resources.

Hyon Connect

There are two groups of people in this world: you're either someone who will do the work to sell your used items or you can't be bothered. Hyon connects these two groups.


Immigrate automates the process of immigrating to Canada. They make help available for employers and anyone in the world wanting to make Canada their home.

Integrity Technology Solutions

ITS is a high growth Calgary based deep learning and audit technology-based company that focuses on eliminating some of the biggest challenges in the contract compliance space.


JAMH is a sustainability technology start-up that helps companies be sustainable by helping them understand their information landscape through data visualization, peer analysis, and staying up to date with changing standards.

Let's Camp

Let's Camp is an online platform that connects campers with campgrounds by assisting with bookings and booking management.


We help growing artists find success by connecting them with Master Artist mentors and peers in small, curated apprenticeship communities.


A mobile app and web-based platform that provides a marketplace for all users looking to buy or sell local meat.


Nutraceutical Mushroom Growing, evolving into Data-Focused mushroom growing technology platform.


Offstreet builds license plate-based parking validation software.


Omnee has harnessed massive amounts of localized data, innovative technology and tremendous creative energy to design transformative solutions for homeowners that are rennovating or maintaining their homes.


Ontopical is the leading market intelligence platform, providing the necessary competitive advantage to businesses who participate in the 1.7 million local government contracts.

Outpost Health Corporation

Outpost Health is a Canadian digital health and payments platform connecting healthcare providers and patients globally.


We are making justice accessible and fixing the issues around how the insurance industry, the legal industry, and personal injury victims interact by making settlements faster, fairer, and pain-free.

Pegasus Imagery

Pegasus Imagery is a technology company for drones. Its proprietary software enables drones to avoid objects in mid-air beyond line of sight.

Portal Bots

Portal Bots is a brand new entertainment experience where customers race and battle REAL robots via their home computer, in real time.


ProShyft is a Canadian on-demand solution that streamlines the process of connecting complex personal tax individuals, eCommerce entrepreneurs, and small business owners with a CPA tax expert for doing their taxes.

Provision Analytics

Provision Analytics is a software for simple food safety forms that automate inventory, audits, and analytics. The software improves the speed & accuracy of data entry and delivers operating insights.

RUNNR Delivery

RUNNR is an innovative online scheduling platform for the courier/hotshot industry that makes booking a delivery easy by connecting businesses to a network of drivers.

Radley Robots

We provide communications and programming to seniors' living facilities through remote-operated telepresence robots, allowing residents to connect with family, friends and entertainment without needing to learn new technology.

Rivercity Innovations

IoT-enabled asset tracking hardware paired with a mobile app to create a virtual neighbourhood watch system with real-time alerts.


Robolution is building autonomous solutions for construction equipment to unlock new levels of efficiency and drastically reduce human-error injuries and labour costs in the construction space.

SAGA Wisdom

SAGA Wisdom solves the major problems associated with technical competency in the Energy sector through it's proprietary online learning platform.


Easy-to-use rehabilitation software for Healthcare professionals to create custom exercise programs and manage patient care.


A platform that allows coaches to effectively evaluate athletes in various team sports and run reports to get full information, ratings, and rankings on players.

Solara Data

Solara cures the pain of being unable to communicate with your cell phone when cell service is not available by offering satellite smartphone messaging.


Safety is a top priority for companies with skilled remote workers. We provide the tools they need to keep their employees safe and their business compliant.


Spontivly is a Community Management System that connects all your community tools in one place. Think 'Hootsuite' for Community Management.


StoreToDoor is a branded platform that allows retailers the ability to offer a cost-effective same-day delivery service to their customers.


TRAINFO helps public agencies reduce accidents and delays at rail crossings by 25% for less than 1% of the cost of an underpass by predicting train blockages.


Taiv replaces live TV commercials in restaurants with more targeted ads (for beer, local business, etc.). We sell the ads at a premium and share some of the revenue with our restaurant partners.


Tealev offers affordable last mile delivery electric vehicles tailored for cold climates.


TeamLinkt is disrupting the multi-billion dollar sports tech market with our free platform. Players, parents and coaches can share schedules, availability, chat, and more via the app.


Thrivr is an on-demand marketplace for massage therapists that allows clients to find last-minute massages at the click of a button.

Total Containment

Total Containment has developed and tested a Pipeline Leak Containment System that protects both the environment from leaks in pipelines, and the pipeline from corrosive nature of the environment surrounding it.

Trusted Dispatch

An SaaS platform that uses algorithms to instantly calculate shipping cost, then connects loads in need of transport with trucks returning to home base, or repositioning, with no load to carry.

Wave9 Technology

Wave9 reduces operating costs and environmental impact for industrial customers by automating production site & facility inspection processes using a platform of software, AI, and hardware.

Wheelhouse Live

Wheelhouse Live is a live, on-demand digital fitness platform built on music, community, and growth.


Wyvern is a space data company that sells images of Earth that reveal the chemistry of whatever we take pictures of.


clevrML is a startup focused on building better AI technologies for developers and businesses.


headversity is a mental resilience training solution for today's workplace. Our program reduces the costs of presenteeism, absenteeism, and short-term and long-term disability claims.


ioAirFlow helps commercial buildings make informed decisions to become healthier and more energy efficient by finding problems in its indoor environments.


An evolution of the modern-day photo album. A private space to collaborate, design, collect and protect all the pieces of your story.


Scaling Construction Tech firm focused on empowering General Contractors to ensure a qualified workforce.

Numi is a digital health company building the first full stack healthcare solution in Canada that includes mobile medical services.


REES (Respect, Educate, Empower Survivors) is a simple, secure online platform for reporting sexual violence.

A geospatial artificial intelligence platform for automating laborious manual observation associated with wheat production.


StreamTech helps Quality Control Managers at mid-size Oil & Gas companies increase their revenue while decreasing cost at decentralized worksites through our permissions-based file sharing and communication platform.


ulivit is an innovative food company using the best Canadian pulse protein grown by Canadian farmers to develop plant-based food.