Past Startups

Meet the 100 startups from Uniting the Prairies 2022


Shares the best human-powered adventures on earth. They help you plan for your next great adventure: from the best hiking trails, trekking or skiing trips to helping you choose handpicked adventure tours.

54e Dev Studios Inc

A robotics and gaming company using proprietary real-time video technologies for a true-to-life Esports experience.


Developing a high-tech project for the noble cause of “Next Generation Technology Solution to combat “Human to Human Viral Transmission and minimize the risk of airborne contamination of resistance microbes”.


An AI-assisted job search systems empower re-employment organizations, recruitment agencies, and educational institutions to quickly identify relevant job opportunities and help clients achieve successful outcomes.

Akawe Technologies

Indigenous founded Blockchain focussed tech company bridging the digital divide for Indigenous People and other diverse groups.


An artificial intelligence solution provider, specialized in improving industrial processes. Their first product, Sewer Inspector, uses AI to find and classify damaged parts in sewer pipes automatically.

Areto Labs

A B2B SaaS social enterprise building a suite of apps for companies that combines machine learning with behavioural science to deploy inside their digital communities, like Slack and Twitter.

Athlete Era

A platform for youth sports organizations to train and support coaches more effectively through mobile apps.

BetterCart Analytics

Offers advanced grocery price analytics to grocery retailers and food and beverage companies that help them increase their profit margin and market share.

Birdie Break

Reinventing the way that parents access, book and pay for high-quality, pre-screened childcare and tutors through their convenient app.

Board Checkup

An intervention to fill gaps in board of director capacity to conduct due diligence assessments of performance to self-regulate and meet the demands of the governance function.


Over 70% of projects in manufacturing and construction are late and over budget, losing over $790 billion every year. Brillist's software keeps that from happening.


Easily customizes the look of in-store digital signage for cannabis stores. Stores can quickly add, remove or modify products from anywhere and see those changes in minutes.


Online Farmer's Market powered by Predictive Agriculture tech. Predictive Agriculture allows them to predict consumer demand, allowing producers to grow or make food accordingly.


A digital aftercare concierge built to empower bereaved families by organizing, streamlining and automating estate settlement tasks.


Reimagining the renting experience by empowering renters and building a platform that makes renting more transparent, accessible and fair for both parties.

Citrus Technology

Centralizes the facilitation of youth camps and programs. The software manages a camps' logistics & operations so they can focus on what really matters.


An operator software company focused on a platform for asset management and supply logistics starting with the water treatment industry.

Copperstone Technologies

Builds field robots that help industrial clients manage liabilities and safety costs associated with hazardous sites, particularly water and waste water facilities.


A Canadian industrial robotics and artificial intelligence company which develops products that support the safe, and efficient operation of heavy-duty equipment.


IoT refrigerated locker solution for workplaces. The secure mini-fridges allow employees to store meals or have food delivered at work without the fear that someone will take or touch their food.

Delphi Technology

A metaverse training campus featuring adaptive learning with AI enhancement and education management (AI-enhanced versions of real-life instructors).

An artificial intelligence startup focused on building systems that can understand and comprehend the world's knowledge well enough to explain it in words.


Develops autonomous last-mile delivery solutions that allow goods to be delivered at home, at a lower cost, quickly and safely.


An omni-channel alcohol startup that provides on-demand alcohol delivery without charging delivery fees and without raising product prices.


Delivers ethnic groceries and recipes to customers doorstep.


A freight-matching technology that creates personalized experiences for shippers, carriers, and brokers by connecting them quicker and easier than ever before.

EZ Ops

An augmented intelligence platform for desk-less workers. They sell Operational Excellence in the Oil & Gas industry.

Element 4

Developing an adaptable, affordable, and batteryless Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution.

Elsius Biomedical

Developing a better ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation) system than what's currently on the market, allowing it to be used more widely and on more patients, with better results and a strong cut in costs.


Engineering for construction made easy. A B2B platform that delivers engineering services on-demand for small to midsize construction projects.

Environmental Material Sciences

Offers oil, gas and salt remediation solutions based on proprietary functional material and biotechnologies.

Fairly Staffing

Developed an on demand dental staffing solution dedicated to help dental clinics find temporary dental hygienists and Assistants with an easy to use mobile and web app platform.


A client experience platform that enables legal teams to scale their businesses while providing continuous value to their clients without working continuous hours.

Supporting individuals through their care journey while improving outcomes for caregivers & care facilities. A two-sided marketplace for individuals & care providers, leveraged into referral services & staffing solutions for partner care facilities.


A mobile app that supports commission-free fractional investing. They enable users to build a portfolio of their favourite companies and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Fleet Hunt

GPS tracking solutions include fleet, asset, and trailer tracking as well as fleet management services to make it easier for businesses to be notified of your vehicle’s health and ensure major problems are prevented.

Flokk Systems

Digitizes livestock herd management and traceability reporting. By combining a built for purpose handheld device with supporting cloud services, they offer unprecedented simplicity of implementation, ease of use, and affordability.

Fly and Fetch

A modern shipping company making international shipping cheaper, faster, and friendlier shipping. Instead of using air cargo, Fly and Fetch hires travellers and uses their luggage space as shipment capacity.

Go Oil

Provides mobile oil changes across Canada. They make vehicle maintenance easy though our online platform using their franchise service network in Canada and the USA.


A platform that connects entrepreneurs across Canada with a network of business-minded lawyers ready to help make legal advice faster and more affordably than ever.

Ground Truth Agriculture

Hardware enabled software platform that grades grain on combine, providing farmers quality per acre insight. This information enables farmers to market with confidence and opens up inventory revenue control.

Gru Organics

Sustainable, self-sufficient vertical farming through partnership with heavy industry and natural gas operators.

Guardian EMR

On a mission to enable health professionals in starting and running efficient health practices by providing them with an integrated approach of software, education, and resources.

Home Spritz

A managed house cleaning marketing place where experienced cleaners meet customers.


Today, organizations have no easy way to participate in the circular economy. From asset purchase through to end of life, Hyon uses a 6-step circular model to help companies report on sustainable asset management.


Empowers leaders by connecting the dots between employee experience and organizational performance by automatically assessing employee experience across 6 scientifically validated factors using ambient, anonymized and aggregated data.


Automates the process of immigrating to Canada. They make help available for employers and anyone in the world wanting to make Canada their home.

Integrity Technology Solutions

A high growth Calgary based deep learning and audit technology-based company that focuses on eliminating some of the biggest challenges in the contract compliance space.


A franchise platform that helps chefs and small restaurants create and scale their brand. Provides the Operating System for those new franchise locations, connecting disparate digital services, third party delivery services, suppliers and the brands.


Connect people and create a globalized educational and one-on-one online tutoring marketplace that aims to build skills in 25+ focus areas.

Let's Camp

An online platform that connects campers with campgrounds by assisting with bookings and booking management.

Living Sky Technologies

A suite of applications that empower content creators. It removes traditional roadblocks for writing, researching, and publishing content.

Local Shops

E-commerce marketplace showcasing local independent brands and offering operational support through co-warehousing and fulfilment.


Building an eco-system to help the world invest in Web 3.0 by making it frictionless, affordable and secure - starting with their zero-fee, world-class crypto exchange with the largest selection of assets available for trading in Canada.


Disrupting the art education industry by making master expertise available to growing creatives.


Creates B2B SaaS license plate-based parking validation software to help organizations self-manage their complimentary employee, customer, and guest parking.Offstreet builds license plate-based parking validation software.


Harnesses massive amounts of localized data, innovative technology and tremendous creative energy to design transformative solutions for homeowners that are rennovating or maintaining their homes.


The leading market intelligence platform, providing the necessary competitive advantage to businesses who participate in the 1.7 million local government contracts.

Outpost Health Corporation

A digital health and payments platform connecting consumers to a global network of health providers and payers.

Pegasus Imagery

A technology company for drones. Its proprietary software enables drones to avoid objects in mid-air beyond line of sight.

PolySense Solutions

Simplifying the management of critical environments like laboratories and advanced manufacturing facilities.

Portal Bots

A one-of-a-kind entertainment experience where customers race and battle real robots from the comfort of their home computers.

Precision AI

Their vision is to level up crop protection by transitioning away from expensive “big iron” sprayer machinery to a Spray-as-a-Service model with disruptive unit economics.


A suite of property management tools that improves efficiency, communication, and cost-savings, while elevating the resident experience.


REES (Respect, Educate, Empower Survivors) is a simple, secure online platform for reporting sexual harassment, misconduct and assault that can be adapted for use across sectors and industries.

RUNNR Delivery

An innovative online scheduling platform for the courier/hotshot industry that makes booking a delivery easy by connecting businesses to a network of drivers.

Rent Your Ride

A peer to peer vehicle rental platform that connects vehicle owners with travellers who are looking to rent a vehicle.


A peer-peer platform giving individuals and businesses alike the simplicity to list, discover + rent directly from nearby user.

Rivercity Innovations

An IoT hardware sensor developer and LoRa solution provider. Their current products include GPS trackers, temperature sensors for cold chain monitoring, and custom devices for clients needing telemetry data in their organizations.


A mobile app that gives roofing contractors the ability to input roof measurements while on site and immediately generate completed construction documents including Estimate, Material List, Work Order, and Costing Document.


Offers easily disposable and biodegradable menstrual pads, making sustainable periods easy.


A workplace safety engagement platform enabling safety professional's to view the performance and engagement of their safety programs throughout the workforce.


Software that uses Bluetooth scales to measure the exact cost of each hair colour bowl to allow for a more consistent bottom line at hair salons.


A data-driven platform that gives repair and maintenance companies the ability to price, sell, and manage subscription service contracts.


A platform that allows coaches to effectively evaluate athletes in various team sports and run reports to get full information, ratings, and rankings on players.


Cures the pain of being unable to communicate with your cell phone when cell service is not available by offering satellite smartphone messaging.


Safety is a top priority for companies with skilled remote workers. We provide the tools they need to keep their employees safe and their business compliant.


A Community Management System that connects all your community tools in one place. Think 'Hootsuite' for Community Management.

Spot Dog Walking

An on-demand dog walking app that guarantees walker arrival in under 90-minutes or the walk is free!


A branded platform that allows retailers the ability to offer a cost-effective same-day delivery service to their customers.

Super GeoAI

Developing novel GeoAI-based geodatabases, algorithms, and cloud platforms to efficiently manage, analyze, and visualize the large volumes of spatial data for machine learning applications in digital agriculture.


Replaces live TV commercials in restaurants with more targeted ads (for beer, local business, etc.). They sell the ads at a premium and share the revenue with their restaurant partners.

Teal Electrification Systems

A start-up designing electric power-train and battery pack systems for light, medium and heavy-duty electric trucks.


Disrupting the multi-billion dollar sports tech market with their free platform. Players, parents and coaches can share schedules, availability, chat, and more via the app.

The Public Food Hub Co.

Helping food lovers connect with food makers and experiences, no matter their location. They use online and physical retail, combined with neighbourhood pickups and popups to help more than 400 brands reach their growing community of customers.


Addressing key challenges in the agri-food supply chain. The TheoryMesh platform digitizes data from the farm to consumer and provides traceability and transparency to increase food safety and sustainability.


Provides families detailed trail and safety information in a clean and easy to use app. That way, families can spend more time exploring and connecting outside together.


A vertically integrated mushroom health company. Their united philosophy is taking the best of Eastern Medicine and merging it with the best of Western Medicine in unique, proprietary ways.

Turnkey App

A proptech startup that is on a mission to simplify the rental application process.

Verified By Memi

A cross industry identity management and verification platform backed by a users government-issued photo ID.


Uses communication dynamics by integrating with collaboration tools to help remote companies perform better.

Waggle Mail

A data-driven, veterinary-curated dog subscription box that is completely disrupting the pet care industry.

Wave9 Technology

Reduces operating costs and environmental impact for industrial customers by automating production site & facility inspection processes using a platform of software, AI, and hardware.

What's the Deal?

A foodies ultimate weapon for the perfect night out their app arms users with the ability to search, sort, and browse incredible offers from the trendiest local eateries & attractions.


Makes internet better. Composed of an LTE enabled router and provisioned with custom software to provide failover services. Provides a legitimate alternate service to people or businesses when their primary internet connection sucks or stops.


A space data company that sells images of Earth that reveal the chemistry of whatever they take pictures of.


An evolution of the modern-day photo album. A private space to collaborate, design, collect and protect all the pieces of your story.


Scaling Construction Tech firm focused on empowering General Contractors to ensure a qualified workforce.


Democratizing the creator economy by empowering creators with tools to negotiate their worth.


Helps Quality Control Managers at mid-size Oil & Gas companies increase their revenue while decreasing cost at decentralized worksites through our permissions-based file sharing and communication platform.


An innovative food company using the best Canadian pulse protein grown by trusted Canadian Regenerative Farmers and blended with old-fashioned human taste buds and a sprinkle of science to develop plant-based food that is all good.